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Darla Lindberg

Professor of Architecture
Head shot of Penn State Stuckeman School Tenured Professor Darla Lindberg
421 Stuckeman

Darla Lindberg’s research is on design architecture and system science to explore complexity (indeterminate and non-reductive) and systems theory influences on the built, behavioral, cultural, political, and environmental factors impacting health and society around the globe. Three main areas include: architecture and building physics to identify variables that affect systems behavior; characterizing emergent systems to identify forces and factors that increase resiliency of any unique corpus as an ecosystem; and applying game theoretic human behavior to the critique and design of creative architectures and tenets for collective society especially appropriate for resilient community, settlement, and urban design.

Much of Lindberg’s research involves collaborations with expertise from biology, nutrition, epidemiology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, sustainability, and global health. She was a co-founder of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics and has received significant funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health/Fogarty International Center to explore policy issues against pressures of mobility, change, and flux in the environment. She has also developed a popular graduate seminar exploring game theoretic principles in institutional, environmental, and socio/economic/behavioral design.

Lindberg was named the Stuckeman Chair of Design Innovation in 2013.

  • Education
    • B.ARCH from North Dakota State University in 1980
    • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)—Certificate #33801 in 1985
    • Licensed Architect from State of North Dakota—Certificate #940 in 1985
    • M.ARCH from Iowa State University in 1990
  • Courses Taught


    • Fourth Year Studio
    • Topics in Community Design


    • Fourth Year Studio
    • Minimalist Architecture
  • Honors + Awards


    • Stuckeman Chair, Design Innovation.


    • Member, Oxford Round Table, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England.


    • ARCHIVE Competition Winner “Global Forces + Local Factors: Design Responses to Policy Failures” ACSA_I Am A Second Responder Competition_Co-Author with D.Mosemann, A. Longenbach, D. Rivera, Z. Jones, J. Li.


    • College of Architecture Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching, The Pennsylvania State University.


    • National Institutes of Health/Fogarty International Center (NIH/FIC) “Examining Policy Resistance and Infectious Disease Within Dynamic Network Conditions at the US/Mexico Border.” D. Lindberg, Principal Investigator, T. Reluga, R. Smith, Co-Investigators, M. Poss, J. Findeis, Senior Researchers. 1 R21 TW008378 01. $396,857. Funded.


    • National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI). P. Raghavan, P. Hudson, L. Giles Co-Principal Investigators. D. Lindberg, T. Reluga, Senior Researchers. $450,000. Funded.


    • Tapped for Membership, Skull and Bones Society, Spring.
  • Exhibitions + Productions
    • Lindberg, D. “Sentinel Cities: a systems theory analysis of global disease management.” Oxford Round Table, Critical Public Issues, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England. Invitation only. July 28–August 1.


    • Conference. School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, May.
    • ARCHIVE Competition Winner, “Global Forces + Local Factors: Design Responses to Policy Failures,” Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture I Am A Second Responder Competition. Co-Author with David Mosemann, Adam Longenbach, Danielle Rivera, Zachary Jones, Jing Li.


    • Lindberg, D., V. “Poro[US Border]s: the place of policy not without the complex mechanics of policy beyond the discipline.” Contexts. The Pennsylvania State University.


    • Lindberg, D. V., Smith, R., Reluga, T., Poss, M., and Findeis, J. National Institute of Health/Fogarty International Center (NIH/FIC). “Examining Policy Resistance and Infectious Disease with Dynamic Network Conditions at the U.S./Mexico Border.” Progress report to sponsor. Full funding for three years.


    • Lindberg, D. V. De Leon, G., and Mosemann, D. “Institutional Design: the welfare of border-situated cities as a practical objective.” Proceedings True Urbanism: Designing the Healthy City. 46th International Making Cities Livable Conference. Santa Fe, NM, June.
  • Publications + Presentations


    • Li, J., Lindberg, D., Smith, R., and Reluga, T. “Provisioning of public health can be designed to anticipate public policy responses.” Paper prepared for Mathematical Biosciences. (Under revision).
    • Lindberg, D. V., Jones, Z., Li, J., Longenbach, A., Mosemann, D., and Rivera, D. “Global Forces + Local Factors: advancing policy formation as a function of feedbacks between behavioral and environmental indeterminate systems.” Vulnerability and Adaptation: Focus—Marginal Peoples and Environments Proceedings. ICARUS II.