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Photography Minor

Enhance your life-long learning skills in image making.

Photography is a means of making images of the world in which we live, and creating interpretations that cause us to think about what we see, and to question what we know. Learning about photography, and how to take and make photographs, is like acquiring another language that increases your ability to communicate in a visual way.

In the Photography minor, you acquire a range of technical and conceptual capabilities for documenting, expressing, and sharing information, ideas, views, and cultural perspectives, among many other intentions. Studying photography increases your practical and professional proficiencies as you create bodies of art and design work in a self-directed and independent manner that can be adapted to broad fields of inquiry. In this way, your photographic skills allow you to respond to content and subject matter with a personal perspective that expands how you acquire and integrate knowledge in critical and creative ways.

You will have the opportunity to learn skills and knowledge necessary to identify and create professional quality photographic images. You will be able to amass technical and intellectual proficiency, creative skills and capabilities, commercially oriented skills and knowledge, collaborative and visual communication skills and experiences, as well as cultural awareness and ethical understanding regarding the use of images and life-long learning skills.

Professional photographic skills are readily adaptable for use in a wide variety of majors and careers that rely on or benefit from the use of photography. The minor strengthens existing majors where making or using professional quality photographic imagery would be an advantage.

Photography student outside manually adding film to an old camera on a tripod.

Does this sound like you?

You want to acquire the photographic skills and knowledge to strengthen your ability to create and adapt professional quality photographic images in your studies. Responding to the growing reliance on images and image making means applying technical, creative, and intellectual competencies and capabilities in a broad range of disciplines and a wide variety of careers. This minor will enhance your ability to communicate visually and acquire life-long learning skills.

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