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Digital Arts, Certificate

Digital Arts Certificate

Develop leading-edge digital fluency and technical skills

Master the powerful combination of artistic knowledge and technical skills necessary to create a professional, high-quality digital portfolio. Learn the latest production techniques for generating computer-based graphics, digital photography, and media-rich web productions.

SoVA student in digital media class.

Get certified in Digital Arts at Penn State!

Digital Art helps you develop artistic knowledge and build the technical skills necessary to create professional, high-quality digital productions that can be applied across industries and professions.

Blending art theory with internet-based technologies, digital art synthesizes concepts of multimedia and visual arts and design with production techniques for generating computer-based graphics and media-rich web productions. This certificate program will prepare you to create your own visual- and media-rich professional portfolio, or to craft digital images and multimedia web productions.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are interested in computer-based graphics, multimedia, art, or media-rich web design.
  • You want to strengthen your existing skills to support your professional responsibilities.

If so, the Digital Arts certificate could be a fantastic fit.

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