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Musical Arts, B.M.A.

Bachelor of Musical Arts

Pursue your passions. Expand your horizons. Make your music into a career.

You’re a musician through and through, but have other interests, too. The Bachelor of Musical Arts allows you to combine your multiple interests into a degree tailor-made just for you.

Our award-winning faculty work closely with you to prepare you for a professional music career or graduate studies, giving you room to spread your wings while honing your harmonious craft.

Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Penn State

You have a passion for music—and more. We’ll help you combine them.

Music is your passion, but it’s not your only passion. The Bachelor of Musical Arts allows you to pursue your interests in music as well as other areas, uniquely qualifying you for a wide variety of careers in performance.

The B.M.A. enables you to mix classes from within the School of Music and across the University into a rigorous, but richly layered, harmonious degree. Interested in music technology? We have a minor for that. Is art history another one of your passions? You can take classes from the time period that interests you most. After all, it’s your college education.

The Bachelor of Musical Arts blends a flexible focus with the challenge of achieving a high level of competence needed to begin professional work or pursue further studies at the graduate level.

Next Steps

School of Music ensemble performance.

Is the Bachelor of Musical Arts right for you?

The Bachelor of Musical Arts allows our students to combine their passion for music and interests in other areas, uniquely preparing them for careers in the professional music world.

Your adviser guides you in developing an academic plan where your courses in music and in other areas complement and supplement one another. Students benefit from small class sizes and myriad performance opportunities while also having broad access to all the resources of a Tier 1 university.

Auditions are required for all majors in the School of Music.

Level Up

Your passions. Your degree. Your opportunities to do even more.

Minors and Options

International Programs

  • IES Vienna
    Music Summer and Academic Year Programs. Select from English- and German-taught course options focusing on music and European culture and society.
  • IES Milan
    Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Italy while taking a variety of courses, including an Italian language course tailored to your level.
  • University of Leeds Summer Program
    One of the largest universities in Great Britain and located in a city known for its rich musical tradition and thriving local music scene.


    • Community Outreach and Beyond
      Performances in the community and on campus; musical presentations at conferences and schools throughout the region; teaching private lessons.

    Considering the B.M.A.? Consider this.

    Music students who pursue a double major often earn more than students with a single major.

    • Focus on music while taking other classes that support your career goals.
    • Work with faculty who share their own experiences from around the world.
    • When you finish your degree, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of careers in music and beyond.
    • Be a part of Penn State’s vibrant and diverse community.
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    alumni spotlight

    Luke Nosal

    Luke Nosal is the assistant conductor of the Queer Urban Orchestra in New York City. As a conductor and queer advocate, Nosal is known for leading ensembles with an eclectic style, dynamic interpretation, and deep passion while always using their platform to give visibility to issues in the LGBTQA community. In addition to a Bachelor of Music, Nosal earned a P.P.C. Orchestral Conducting in 2019.