Graphic of multicolor “Sustainability” wheel against a solid blue background.

The Sustainability Teaching Roundtable Series Session 7: SoVA Studio for Sustainability and Social Action

Dates & Times Mar 1 : 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Location Zoom

The Sustainability Teaching Roundtable Series is organized by Mihyun Kang, a research professor and director for sustainability in the College of Arts and Architecture, and Peter Buck, an academic program manager at the Sustainability Institute. The College of Arts and Architecture Sustainability Council Teaching and Learning Working Group will contribute to the Sustainability Teaching Roundtable Series. The series will transform the culture of sustainability education and pedagogy, embedding it into the college’s teaching culture. A wide range of topics concerning sustainability, curricular planning, and engagement across the college’s academic units will be addressed through the series.

Facilitator: Angela Rothrock