A poster for Allison Hirsch's lecture and exhibition.

Stuckeman School Exhibition: "The Other California: Land, loss, labor, liberated futures along phantom shores" by Hirsch

Date & Time: April 23, 2024 from 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Event Sponsors: Landscape Architecture, Stuckeman School, Exhibitions

Academic, landscape theorist, historian, and designer Allison Hirsch's exhibition tells the story of the Tulare Lake Basin, a hydrological system that defines a cultural history that is both unique and ubiquitous. The exhibit discusses a landscape that was once composed of land, water, multispecies life, and humans who managed the land for survival and ceremony. The landscape’s rapid transformation by settler colonialism into a vehicle of capitalist enterprise eradicated ecological lifeways, remanufactured hydrology, toxified land, water, and the laboring bodies forced to participate in the new order.

Hirsch’s research areas include cultural landscapes, working landscapes, spatial politics of landscape architecture, contested landscapes, activist design methods and landscape's intersections with performance and choreography.

Hirsch’s exhibition and book of the same name were awarded a Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts Research and Development Grant in 2019 and the Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership (2020-21).

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