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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A collaged x-ray-styled image showing a fabric flower and a butterfly broach overlaid on a dark bluish background with blurs of light. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

Director's notes

Nothing by Shakespeare before A Midsummer Night’s Dream is its equal and in some respects nothing by him afterwards surpasses it. It is his first undoubted masterpiece, with-out flaws, and one of his dozen or so plays of overwhelming originality and power.
— Harold Bloom, Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human

On any given night, audiences somewhere in the world are soaking up the supernatural delights of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is Shakespeare’s most beloved and produced work. And why not? It has everything; comedy, drama, magic, passion, fairies, lovers, clowns, and some of the most gorgeous language ever set to paper.

But, familiarity has, perhaps, inured us to what a radical and experimental play this actually is. In writing it, Shakespeare took theatrical traditions established by the Greeks and put them through a blender. He interwove a dizzying array of plotlines, pointed up the absurd foibles of romantic passion and, through the play’s meta theatricality (paving the way for later meta-theatrical playwrights such as Brecht and Pirandello), posed essential questions about the relationships between life and art, appearance and illusion, dreams, and reality. With Midsummer, Shakespeare transformed the theatre forever.

It’s fitting then, that of the play’s many themes (love, betrayal, jealousy, gender, magic, illusion, nature, and patriarchal structure, to name a few), transformation is the one that resonates most clearly. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, artistically, everyone and everything in this play changes. Some for better, some for worse, some literally, others figuratively, but no one ends the play as they began it.

And who among us couldn’t use a little transformation right now? The last few years have been, well, pretty dark. We’ve struggled with division, climate change, natural disasters, and a seemingly endless global pandemic. We’ve lost loved ones, community, familiar routine, safety, civility and, for a time, the ability to enjoy live performance. With stunning prescience, Titania’s speech in Act 2, scene 1, foretells our current state:

The human mortals want their winter cheer;
No night is now with hymn or carol blessed.
Therefore, the moon, the governess of floods,
Pale in her anger, washes all the air
That rheumatic diseases do abound.
And thorough this distemperature we see The seasons alter…”

But! But! But! Hope is on the horizon! Live theatre is back! So, for “this long age of three hours / Between our after-supper and bed-time” I hope this play can give us all a bit of magic, a means of transformation, and a way of turning, even for a while, some darkness into light.

– Sam Osheroff, Director


A Midsummer Night’s Dream was likely written and first performed in 1595 or 1596, and the play has experienced reinvention by directors ever since, in interpretations that use the material to explore class, race, gender, power politics, and the supernatural in cultures across distance and time. 

Key productions have ranged from faithful and authentically Shakespearen recreations, like Harley Grandville-Barker’s 1914 English production, to avant-garde interpretations, like Peter Brook’s landmark 1970 trapezèd production. Dream has been used to challenge apartheid-era laws in the University of Witwatersrand’s 1984 South African production and to examine an aggressively sexual culture in Lidia Zamkow’s 1963 Polish production. The play has been used to illustrate post-colonialism, such as in Baz Lurhmann’s 1993 production of Benjamin Britten’s operatic adaptation, casting the fairies as Indian gods in a liberated country, and to confront gender roles in Yang Jung-Ung’s 2012 Korean production, featuring a gender-reversal in Oberon pursuing a woman with a pig’s head. Shakespeare’s most oft-performed play in the past decade, Dream has been produced around the globe. 

Meanwhile, we encounter Dream upon the release from our own dream, at a precipitous moment when society is reflecting upon what the COVID-19 pandemic has meant and what it means. Having experienced a unique, impossible-to-believe, wondrous experience in the past year-and-a-half, in the breakdown of one’s individual reality, and in transitions that leave us entering a world unlike the one we’ve seen before, we exit the pandemic like exiting a dream. Just as the lovers of Dream do, we are left questioning what happened and conferring with each other. We have all experienced the chaos of the woods in our own lives, where time elides the passing of days into an eternal night. The breakdown of social order, the threats to personal reality, and the aching desire may all ring as familiar. 

But, we are at the eve of waking up from our dream, and I encourage you to take a moment to breathe and “dream of some epiphany”, as American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift articulates it in her song “epiphany”, “just one single glimpse of relief / to make some sense of what you’ve seen.”

– Arushi Grover
B.A. Theatre Studies 2024


  • William Shakespeare. A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Third Series (The Arden Shakespeare Third Series). Edited by Sukanta Chaudhuri. Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare, 2017.
  • “What is Shakespeare’s Most Popular Play?”,

Dramaturgy Website

Learn more about the cultural, historical, mythological, and biographical context that shaped the creation of this production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Explore the dramaturgy materials that the production team and cast used during the rehearsal of this play.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sam Osheroff
December 2–9, 2021
Venue: Pavilion Theatre


Covid Policy

Penn State has issued rules and precautions that follow, or may in some cases exceed, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the Health and Safety Guidelines prior to attending a University event to ensure you are familiar with the rules and expectations.


Roles Actor
Hermia Emma Parks
Lysander/Fight Captain Shane Troxell
Helena Nina Gold
Demetrius Ryaan Farhadi
Oberon/Thesus/Fight Captain Malcolm Mackenzie
Oberon’s Fairy Grace Lyons
Oberon’s Fairy/Understudy Snout Liam Fieggen
First Fairy/Peaseblossom Elyse Tazzia
Peter Quince/Cupid Dylan Henderson
Francis Flute Owen Smith
Hippolyta/Titania/Fight Captain Catherine Crimmins
Snout Phillipe Desamours
Starveling Hannah Armstrong
Puck/Philostrate Marshall Joun
Mustardseed/Understudy Puck Julia Salvato
Bottom Lance Joos
Egeus/Snug Jill Aebli
Moth/Understudy Hermia Sophia Nicholson
Cobweb/Movement Captain/Fight Captain Ceci Garcia
Understudy Helena Mary Rose Valentine
A blurred image of the moon overlaid with shadows of trees and an abstract pattern. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

Acting company

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Emma Parks

Emma Parks (Hermia) is a sophomore Acting major from Chicago. Acting is her favorite way to spend her time, so she is super excited to be back on stage doing what she loves. In additon to acting, Emma enjoys anything and everything creative, soccer, and reading. She’s had an amazing time being a part of Midsummer and has enjoyed the process of exploring all that is Hermia. She would like to thank everyone who helped her through the rehearsal process as well as her friends and family.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Shane Troxell

Shane Troxell (Lysander/Fight Captain), a sophomore B.F.A. Actor, most recently performed in Headspace (Tom) in the Downtown Theatre. He is very excited to work as one of the fight captains for this production and has been grateful for the opportunity.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Nina Gold

Nina Gold (Helena) is thrilled to be appearing in her first in-person Centre Stage production. Previously, she appeared in Romeo and Juliet (Balthasar) and The Osaze Project (Professor) with Centre Stage Virtual. Some of her favorite productions outside Penn State include Amahl and the Night Visitors (Amahl), Museum (Tink), and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Candela). Nina would like to thank her professors and the cast and crew for all their support and guidance.She hopes you enjoy the show!

Ryaan Farhadi (Demetrius) is thrilled to be performing live again at Penn State. Recent credits include Little Shop of Horrors (Orin), A Chorus Line, and The Lucky Boy. He would like to thank the incredible cast and crew, Sam and the team, his friends and family for their love and support, and of course Willy Shakes.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Malcolm MacKenzie

Malcolm MacKenzie (Oberon/Thesus/Fight Captain) is a third-year B.F.A. Acting student, ecstatic to be performing in their first live Centre Stage production, having appeared remotely in The Osaze Project and Romeo and Juliet. They have performed extensively with companies around the Pittsburgh area. Malcolm is a certified actor combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, as well as an avid bagpiper, the two are unrelated. Next semester, Malcolm will be directing their original work Bone Play, in collaboration with other students in the School of Theatre. For information on upcoming projects see their Instagram: @malcolm.m.mackenzie

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Grace Lyons

Grace Lyons (Oberon’s Fairy) is a third-year B.F.A. actor. She has been dancing and performing since a young child, and takes part in Improv Comedy. She is very excited to be in her first show at Penn State.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Liam Fieggen

Liam Fieggen (Oberon’s Fairy/Understudy Snout) is a senior Mechanical Engineering student from Wayne, New Jersey. He has acted in several student films, as well as the Penn State 48 hour film festival. This is Liam’s first foray into theatre productions and he would like to thank Sam Osheroff for his staunch support.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Dylan Henderson

Dylan Henderson (Peter Quince/Cupid) is a sophomore in the B.F.A. Acting program, and is excited for his onstage debut in a Centre Stage production! He last appeared as the voice of Peter in Romeo and Juliet with Centre Stage. Other favorite roles include Michael (Matilda), Barfee (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee), and The Baker (Into the Woods). He would like to thank his Mom, Dad, Connor, Pappy, and Rob for being so supportive and inspirational, and the rest of Acting 24′ for being an absolutely lovely group of people. Want to see more of Dylan? Check out his gaming streams on

Owen Smith (Francis Flute)

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Catherine Crimmins

Catherine Crimmins (Hippolyta/Titania/Fight Captain) is a senior pursuing her B.F.A. in Acting at Penn State. Previous credits include The Narrator in She Kills Monsters, Rabbi/Henry/Hannah/Ethel in Angels in America, The Social Worker in The Ozaze Project, and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet. She looks forward to playing Webster in Bonnets and W in Lungs this coming December and February (respectfully). She is thrilled to be a part of this cast and to have live theatre back.

Phillipe Desamours (Snout)

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Hannah Armstrong

Hannah Armstrong (Starveling) is a second-year B.F.A. Acting student, and this is her second production at Penn State. Some of her favorite previous roles include Grandmama (Addams Family), Janis Ian (Mean Girls), and Mrs. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice). Hannah is excited that her Centre Stage debut is her return to live theatre. She sends thanks to everyone that has supported her through this journey.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Marshall Joun

Marshall Joun (Puck/Philostrate) is a senior B.F.A. Acting major. Their acting credits include – Penn State: Romeo and Juliet, Violet; Regional: A Chorus Line (Reagle Music Theatre), In The Heights (Elliot Norton Award – Best Ensemble, IRNE Award – Best Musical), Akeelah and the Bee, A Year with Frog and Toad (Wheelock Family Theatre). Film: The Silenced (2021), Egg Tart (2018). For Stuart. @marshalljoun

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Julia Salvato

Julia Salvato (Mustardseed/Understudy Puck) is beyond excited to be performing in her first, live and in person, play at Penn State! Her most recent projects include short films such as The Door (Dark Mind Productions) and Player Piano (Fortissimo Productions). Her work with Penn State’s Centre Stage includes The Osaze Project (Officer Taylor) and Romeo and Juliet (Servant). This show has been a blast to work on and she would like to thank everyone involved. Look out for her new podcast Artspeaks and keep up with her Instagram @julia_salvato. Special thanks to Steve Snyder for his constant support and guidance.

Lance Joos (Bottom)

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Jillian Aebli

Jill Aebli (Egeus/Snug) is a third-year B.F.A. Acting major from Scranton, and she is excited to be making her Centre Stage debut! Previous Penn State roles include Officer 3 in The Osaze Project, and Watch 3 in Romeo and Juliet. Thank you to my professors, family, and friends for your support.

Sophia Nicholson

Sophia Nicholson (Moth/Understudy Hermia) is thrilled to be making her in-person Centre Stage debut with this production! Previously at Penn State, she was heard as a Musician in the recent Romeo and Juliet radio play. This summer, Sophie served as a production fellow at the American Shakespeare Center. Special thanks to Sam, Kris, team stage management, and her beloved family.

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Elyse Tazzia

Elyse Tazzia (Peaseblossom/First Fairy) is a second-year B.F.A. Acting student from Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. She is thrilled to be making her in person Centre Stage debut in a show that is so near and dear to her heart. Elyse would like to thank everyone involved in the production for their hard work. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Midsummer Night's Dream actor Cecilia Garcia

Ceci Garcia (Cobweb/Movement Captain/Fight Captain) is a second-year B.F.A. Acting student from St. Petersburg, Florida. Penn State credits include Romeo and Juliet (Paris’ Page) and Moving Forward (Dancer). Other credits include Matilda (Miss Honey) and The Crucible (Mary Warren). Ceci would like to thank the Penn State community and her family for their continued support. She is thrilled to return to live theatre and hopes everyone enjoys the show!

A stylized butterfly broach overlaid on a dark abstract background. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

Artistic Team

Sam Osheroff (Director) is an assistant teaching professor of Theatre performance faculty at Penn State. He is an actor, writer, director, and educator who holds an M.F.A. in acting from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training. Sam has performed and directed in New York City as well as regional venues throughout North America and in Argentina and Brazil. He has held artistic Directorships at the Pensacola Shakespeare Company and at Riverside Theater in Iowa City, Iowa. Sam has taught Acting and Directing technique at The University of West Florida, Southern Oregon University, The University of Michigan, and, most recently, New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida.

Mary Rose Valentine (Assistant Director/Helena Understudy) (she/her/hers) is beyond thrilled to be the assistant director and Helena understudy for A Midsummer Night’s Dream! She is a third-year Theatre Studies major from State College. Mary Rose studied Shakespeare with the American Shakespeare Center through their summer programs, and is currently the vice president of Statespeare, Penn State’s new Shakespeare-centered student organization. Mary Rose served as dramaturg on She Kills Monsters, Spamalot, Romeo and Juliet: The Radio Play, and Headspace, and performed in Songs of Protest and the #HereToo Project. “Our true intent is. All for your delight,” (V.i.120).

Kris Danford (Voice/Text Coach) is an associate professor of voice and speech. She came to Penn State from the University of Michigan and has previously held appointments at Southern Oregon University, University of Iowa, and the University of West Florida. Kris’ professional work as a voice, text, and dialect coach includes coaching at theatres such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, American Stage, and Urbanite Theatre. As a professional actor, she has appeared at regional theatres around the country, including Asolo Repertory Theatre, Riverside Theatre, and Ashland New Plays Festival. In the realm of research, she is currently leading a multidisciplinary research study that utilizes theatre-based voice training as a potential tool for women in childbirth. Kris holds a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from SUNY Fredonia, an M.F.A. in Acting from the FSU Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, and is a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework.®

Erik Raymond Johnson

Erik Raymond Johnson (Fight/Intimacy Coach) is an instructor in the School of Theatre and a graduate of the M.F.A. in Acting program at Penn State. He has worked as an actor on-camera, and regionally and internationally on stage. Favorite past roles include Jack in Race, Chris in All My Sons, and Adam in Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged. As a fight choreographer and movement coach for theatre, Erik has choreographed multiple shows for professional, academic, and community theatres. Erik is certified SAFD, a certified martial arts instructor, a lifelong practitioner of multiple forms, and a proud member of Actors’ Equity, SAFD, and ATME.

Beatriz Chung (Scenic Design) is a Peruvian scenic designer and illustrator who received her bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. She has twelve years of experience working with different theatre companies in Peru and Chile as a set designer. She is currently working towards her M.F.A. in Scenic Design at Penn State. Credits include prop master and puppet designer for The Lucky Boy, directed by John Simpkins at Penn State Downtown Theatre; and projection designer for The Last Five Years, directed by Jennifer Delac at the Playhouse Theatre.

Zandra Siple (Costume Designer) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate in Costume Design from Vermontville, Michigan. Zandra received her B.F.A. in theatre: design and technology, with an emphisis in costume design from the Western Michigan University in April 2020. She is an experienced costume artisian, having worked for several companies, including Farmers Alley Theatre, Timber Lake Playhouse, Twinbolt Media and contiues to work as a costume designer and maker at Penn State. Her previous credits include the costume design advisor for Dryland (2021, SOT), assistant costume designer of the Moving Forward: Dance Concert (2021, PSCS) costume designer for Lost in Yonkers (2020, Farmers Alley Theatre), Restoration Comedy (2020, WMU), Gem of the Ocean (2019, WMU), and Into the Woods (2019, Timber Lake Playhouse).

William C. Kenyon (Lighting Designer) serves as Head of the Lighting Design program in the School of Theatre at Penn State. An active professional designer, Prof. Kenyon has designed over 180 plays, operas, and dances, along with over a dozen national and international tour seasons with several theatre & Dance companies. Prof. Kenyon has been involved in Native American theatre and dance for over 15 years, serving as resident LD for the American Indian Dance Theatre, and was involved in the complete reimagining of “Unto These Hills”, a massive outdoor spectacle celebrating the history of the Cherokee Tribe. Prof. Kenyon serves as the Chair and US Delegate to the OISTAT Education Commission, is the Curator of the Penn State Theatre Lighting Archive, serves as the Chair of USITT’s History & Heritage Committee, and has served as an advisor to the USITT@PSU Student Chapter since it was started in 2005. Prof. Kenyon is the author of “Theatre & Stage Photography,” a new book addressing the challenges of photography for live performance.

Riley Allsop (Associate Lighting Designer) is a third-year B.F..A Design and Technology major with a dual-emphasis in Lighting Design and Technical Direction. For this Centre Stage season, he served as the production electrician for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and assistant technical director for The Wild Party. This summer, he was the lighting designer and technical director for A Chorus Line, and lighting designer for I Do! I Do! at Interlakes Summer Theatre in Meredith, New Hampshire. He would like to thank his team, William, Ken, Gib, Quinn, and Valentine, for everything they have done to make this show happen.

Jonathan Langberg (Sound Designer) a senior studying both lighting and sound design from Milford. He is the director of production for the Movin’ On 2022 Music Festival, and the vice president of the Penn State USITT Chapter. Previous Centre Stage credits: A Year with Frog and Toad (sound designer), Romeo and Juliet (sound designer), She Kills Monsters (sound designer), Angels in America (production audio), Spamalot (master electrician), The Wild Party (master electrician), Cabaret of Many Colors (video editor), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (projection designer).

Arushi Grover (Dramaturg) is delighted to be serving as dramaturg for Penn State Centre Stage; she previously served as dramaturg for The Last Five Years. Previous credits also include All in the Timing (co-director), To My Beloved (asst. director), Edges (asst. technical director). She is a second-year student studying Theatre Studies, English, and Comparative Literature at Penn State.

Maria Papadopoulos (Production Stage Manager) is a fourth-year B.A. student studying Stage Management and Scenic Design, from Andover, Massachusetts. She is very excited to be the production stage manager in this challenging space. Previous credit includes assistant stage manager on Merrily We Roll Along, stage manager on The Reunion, properties manager on The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time, and assistant stage manager on She Kills Monsters.

Abigail Vanderbrul (Assistant Stage Manager) Abby is a second-year B.F.A. Stage Management major and is so excited to have the opportunity to work on this show! She would like to thank her friends and family who have always supported her theatrical endeavors and everyone who has helped theatre return after the shutdown. Abby’s former roles at Penn State include production assistant on Moving Forward: Dance Concert and assistant stage manager on Fun Home.

Sam Forest (Assistant Stage Manager) is a second-year B.F.A. Stage Management major from Princeton, New Jersey. Previous Penn State credits include A Chorus Line and Headspace. Sam would like to thank Maria, Abby, and Gailyn for their support and hard work.

Clare Cawley (Technical Director), (she/her) is a fourth-year Technical Directing major in the School of Theatre. Past Productions include technical director for Moving On Dance Concert (Centre Stage), head carpenter for Clue the Musical (Weathervane Playhouse), crew for Angels in America (Centre Stage). She would like to thank her TD team for their hard work putting on this incredible show!

Blurred lights from a fibre optic strand. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

A image of motion blurred lights on a dark bluish background. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

Supporting Roles

Every production requires so many more individuals than those you see on the stage. These are the people who make sure that the show, indeed, does go on.

Production Staff

Assistant Director
Mary Rose Valentine

Brianna Weigand

Fight Captains
Catherine Crimmins
Malcolm Mackenzie
Shane Troxell

Assistant Dramaturg
Katie Goring

Assoc. Technical Director
Stephen Frausto

Asst. Technical Director
Max Doherty

Head Carpenter
John Geisz

Staff Scenic Carpenters
Stephen Harris
Chris Shuey

Scenic Carpenters
Riley Allsop
Nicolas Baror
Jack Briggs
Cassidy Lyn Burke
Clare Cawley
Daniel Dembek
Maxwell Doherty
Victor Hernandez
Oliver Kaydee
Lauren Petrocelli
Raymond Reehill
Emily Simpson
Sydney Smith

Scenic Charge Artist
Stephanie Lynn Nimick

Scenic Artists
Rosalind Isquith
Mia Irwin
Beatriz Chung Ore

Asst. to Costume Designer
Maddie Simpson

Costume Technical Supervisor
Laura Kay Robinson

Costume Shop Manager
Diane Toyos

Amanda Ferg
Taylor Green
Jessica Hill
Tyler Phillips
Keagan Styes

Jeremy Eiben
Kat Griffith

First Hands
Taylor Hufnagel
Skyler Sandner
Erin Stanek
Beatrix Stickney
Erin Stumm

Lauren Bretl
Lauren Greenfield
Kat Griffith
Maddie Harnish
Audrey Lewis
Owain Milliken
Megan Totz
Stacey Weiner
Stella Yang

Wigs/Make-Up Crew
Audrey Lewis
Lindsay Long

Wardrobe Supervisor
Erin Stumm

Costume Run Crew
Lavanya Anantharaman
Lauren Greenfield
Audrey Lewis
Ethan Peterson
Damanie Redhead

Asst. Lighting Designer
James Gibney Jr.

Production Electrician
Quinn McDonald

Asst. Production Electrician
Valentine Pesola

Light Board Operator
Anna Wagner

Asst. Sound Designer
Carter Celgin

Production Audio
Michael Aboah

Sound Board Operator
Breanna Fals

Projections Operator
Hannah Bank

Gailyn Lee

Deck Crew
Boyao Chen
Chloe Evans
Kyra Muramoto
Charles Mrlack

Fly Operators
Kaydee Oliver
Ronald Spoto

Properties Manager
Jay Lasnik

Properties Artisans
Andre Brando de Castro
Jack Briggs
Samantha Forrest
Maria Papadopoulos
Lorena Sandoval Pinto
Emily Simpson

Social Media Coordinator
Megan Holtzman

Production Crew

The following students will support the costume, scenic, and electric crews this semester.

  • Michael D Aboah
  • Catharine Aboulhouda
  • Wasila Abuhassan
  • William Adams
  • Mark Aguirre
  • Leiyaan Alhadi
  • Riley Allsop
  • Lavanya Vishali Anantharaman
  • Jovanni L Aparicio
  • Alexander Aumen
  • Hannah Bank
  • Nicolas Baror
  • Kenneth Baumann
  • Mackenzie Borine
  • Gabrielle Brady
  • Andre Brandao de Castro
  • Lauren Bretl
  • Vesper Bretz
  • Jack Briggs
  • Cassidy Lyn Burke
  • Anthony Cacchione
  • John Carpino
  • Carlo Castoro Jr.
  • Adrian Castro
  • Clare Cawley
  • Carter Celgin
  • Boyao Chen
  • Beatriz Chung
  • Gabrielle Ida Clark
  • Jarem Cortez
  • Ava Cronin
  • Jack Cross
  • Dante D’Antonio
  • Drake Daboul
  • Mahi Danda
  • Daniel Dembek
  • Isabella Dinallo
  • Katherine Dinsmore
  • Maxwell Doherty
  • Helena Dougherty
  • Jeremy Eiben
  • Chloe Evans
  • Breanna Fais
  • Hannah Flade
  • Samantha Forrest
  • Jordan Frank
  • Gage Gardiner
  • Anna Garman
  • James Gibney Jr.
  • Madeline Glave
  • Katie Goring
  • Taylor Greene
  • Lauren Greenfield
  • Kathleen Griffith
  • Michael Guastamachio
  • Jayla Hamlin
  • Madelyn Harnish
  • Kathryn Hasenecz
  • David Heguy
  • Victor Hernandez
  • Jessica L Hill
  • Madelyn Grace Hindman
  • Jiaqi Hu
  • Taylor Hufnagel
  • Mia Catherine Irwin
  • Rosalind C Isquith
  • Trinity Lyn Jackson
  • Phalguni Karumuri
  • Kleydis Kaya
  • Abigail Kayani
  • Olivia Kayani
  • Alex LaMassa
  • Jonathan Langberg
  • Gailyn Lee
  • Minju Lee
  • Shang-Chun Lee
  • Audrey Lewis
  • Amirah Lomax
  • Lindsay Long
  • Karinne Loos
  • Mason Kase LoPiccolo
  • Dylan Lugosi
  • Anna Lustig
  • Eleonore L MacZura
  • Noi Maeshige
  • Stephen Maransky
  • Caroline Marrone
  • Lucy Frances Martin
  • Quinn McDonald
  • Nicole Lorrayne McFadden-Derer
  • Aaliyah Michael
  • Mackenzie Miller
  • Owain Milliken
  • Ben Moore
  • Charles Mrlack
  • Kyra Shizuka Muramoto
  • Evelyn Murphy Welconish
  • April Myers
  • Flynn Radue Nolen
  • Elizabeth Nugent
  • Kaydee Oliver
  • Andrew Palmieri
  • Maria Papadopoulos
  • LP Patterson
  • Jackson Pavlik
  • Valentine Regla Pesola
  • Ethan Peterson
  • Lauren Petrocelli
  • Claire Phillips
  • Tyler Phillips
  • Vincent Wolf Pilone
  • Demanie Redhead
  • Raymond Reehill
  • Joel Rehn
  • David Reingold
  • Justin Roldan
  • John Rosenblum
  • Hailey Sanchez
  • Skyler Sandner
  • Lorena Sandoval Pinto
  • Maggie Schlachter
  • Jonah Schwartz
  • Sarah Schwidel
  • Jamie Semmer
  • Kyle Shearer
  • Emily Simpson
  • Madeline Simpson
  • Zandra Siple
  • Michael Smedley Jr
  • Emily Whitman Smith
  • Sydney Smith
  • Owen Ashbery Smith
  • Colin Spanswick
  • Ronald Odell Spoto
  • Erin Stanek
  • Beatrix Stickney
  • Colson Stoltzfus
  • Erin Stumm
  • Keagan Styes
  • Matthew Thompson
  • Rafaela Torchia Carvalho Castro
  • Regine Sophia Elarmo Torres
  • Megan Totz
  • Ethan Van Tran
  • Abigail VandenBrul
  • Sylvan Vanstory
  • Anna Wagner
  • Kylee Waller
  • Jasmine Ward
  • Connor Westhoff
  • Stacey Wiener
  • Georgia Wood
  • Yachao Yang
  • Austen Yim
  • Michelle Zhang
  • Rachel Zwerver

Penn State Centre Stage Administration

Producing Artistic Director
Rick Lombardo

Production Manager/Technical Director
Chris Swetcky

Associate Production Manager
Ronda Craig

Marketing Director
Cheri Sinclair

Business Manager
Janet Bergamaschi

Arts Ticket Center
Tracy Noll – Sales Director
Christine Igoe – Ticket Manager
Shannon Arney – Assistant Ticket Manager
Len Codispot-Anderson – Group Sales and Development Relations Manager
Joi McKenzie – Ticket Sales and Customer Service Manager

House Management
Gillian Miller
Jojo Sugg

School of Theatre Administration

Director of the School of Theatre
Rick Lombardo

Production Manager/Technical Director
Chris Swetcky

Associate Director for Instruction
Dan Robinson

Associate Director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
A. Kikora Franklin

Graduate Officer
Dan Robinson

School of Theatre
Judy King – Administrative Coordinator
Carrianne Love – Academic Records
Mark Powell – Staff Assistant
Shannon Ritter – Admissions and Recruitment

School of Theatre Faculty + Staff

Rick Lombardo
Rich Biever
Susan H. Schulman
John Simpkins

Steve Broadnax III
A. Kikora Franklin
Erik Raymond Johnson
Rick Lombardo
Sam Osheoff
Steve Snyder

Musical Theatre Acting
John Simpkins, Nagle Family Endowed Chair in Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Singing
Raymond Sage
Wendy LeBorgne
Gabriella Sam
Gwen Walker

Music Direction
Richard Carsey
Melissa Yanchak

Michele Dunleavy
Chaz Wolcott
A. Kikora Franklin
Linda Hildebrand
Rebecca Maciejczyk

Elizabeth Bonjean, Ph.D.
William Doan, Ph.D.
Jeanmarie Higgins, Ph.D.
Susan Russell, Ph.D.
Robert W. Schneider
Sebastian Trainor
Malcolm Wolmack, Ph.D.
Michael Schweikardt

Steven Rimke
Kris Danford

Steve Broadnax III
Elisha Clark Halpin
Erik Raymond Johnson
Megan Moore

Curtis Craig
Andrew Haag

Scenic Design
Dan Robinson
Milagros Ponce de León
Michael Schweikardt

Costume Design
Richard St. Clair
Charlene Gross

Costume Technology
Laura Robinson

Lighting Design
William Kenyon
Ken Friedhoff

Sound Design
Curtis Craig
Andrew Haag
Kyle Jensen

Stage Management
Geoff Boronda
Ronda Craig

Technical Direction
Chris Swetcky
Stephen Frausto

Scene Shop
John E Geisz
Stephen Harris
Chris Shuey

Properties Shop
Jay Lasnik – Supervisor

Paint Shop
Stephanie Nimick – Supervisor

Costume Shop
Diane Toyos – Supervisor
Amanda Ferg – Draper

  1. Member of Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers
  2. Member of Actors’ Equity Association
  3. Member of United Scenic Artists, Local USA-829
  4. Member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  5. Member of The Dramatists Guild
  6. Member of National Writers Union
  7. Local 802 American Federation of Musicians
  8. ETCP Electrician
  9. Member of The Society of Professional Props Artisan Managers

School of Theatre Graduate Students

Graduate students fill a number of key positions in the School of Theatre. Common roles include assistant director, paint supervisor, charge artist, property master, first hand, draper, and musical director, to name a few.

Costume Design
Jeremy Eiben
Zandra Siple

Costume Production
Taylor Greene
Jessica Hill
Tyler Phillips
Erin Stanek
Keagan Styes
Erin Stumm

Musical Theatre Directing
Jennifer Delac
Alison Morooney
Music Directing
Harrison Collins
Emily Orr

Scenic Design
André Brandao
Beatriz Chung
Mia Irwin
Rosalind Isquith
Lorena Sandoval

Technical Direction
Raymond Reehill

Penn State Centre Stage Community Council 21–22

Council Members
Judith Albrecht
John Carder
Katie Dawes
Connie DiNunzio
Steven Herb
Kay Kustanbauter
Kevin Roe
Jerry Sawyer
Jeane Singer
Judith V. Swisher
Susan Werner
Barbara King-Wilson

Ex Officio Members
B. Stephen Carpenter II
Rick Lombardo
Janet Bergamaschi
Robyn Krause-Hale
John Simpkins
Cheri Sinclair

Professional Member Organizations

Actors’ Equity Association

NAST – National Association of Schools of Theatre

SDC – The Director and Choreographer are members of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union.

SPAM – The Society of Properties Artisan Managers

United Scenic Artists Local USA 829

U/RTA – University Resident Theatre Association
Member of U/RTA, the country’s oldest and largest consortium of professional theatre training graduate programs and associated professional theatre companies, and utilizes that association to facilitate and manage contracts with members of the various theatrical unions. These include Actors’ Equity Association, the Society of Stage Directors and Choreograhers, and United Scenic Artists.

USITT – United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Make a gift

We are able to do what we do because you believe in us.

Our students, faculty, and visiting professionals bring tremendous talent to the stage and you give them a stage to stand on. Our choreographers, costume and scenic designers, lighting technicians, and all of our artistic team envision new worlds and you give them the resources to realize these worlds. While Penn State provides a foundation for our theatrical productions, we rely on the generosity of our community to provide the additional resources needed to perform at the highest level. Your gifts provide financial assistance with show rights, costumes, technical equipment, set materials, music, marketing, and supporting visiting artists and educators who come to share their craft.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to Penn State Centre Stage online using the link below, or by phoning 888-800-9163. Specify “Centre Stage–XAFPS” when you make a credit card gift by phone or online. You can also mail a check to: PSCS/Penn State, 116 Theatre Building, University Park, PA 16802-1506.

Make a gift online to Centre Stage

An x-ray-styled image of a fabric flower and a small bug overlaid on a dark bluish background with blurs of light. Image is from the A Midsummer Night's Dream theatre production playbill from Centre Stage.

Become a Donor. Penn State School of Theatre is home to one of the finest theatre training programs in the country. We invite you to have a richer theatre experience by becoming a donor to Penn State Centre Stage. Let our students know that you love the theatre and care about ensuring opportunity for artists.

Your patronage will also provide assistance for students with financial need to take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities such as master classes, regional theatre productions, and conference participation. By supporting Penn State Centre Stage, you support a home where young artists discover their gifts and you show them the impact that theatre has on everyone it touches.

We’re thankful for your partnership and philanthropy, and we applaud every person who joins us in our mission to make our theatre training program one of the top ranked in the country. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Ensuring the Future of Live Professional Theatre

2021–22 Season Donors

Donors, Grants, Sponsorships and In-Kind Contributions to the 2021–22 Season

Your loyalty and support have been the driving force behind our success. Thank you for your help in creating something truly special in this community. The list below includes donors to PSCS from June–October 20, 2021. Every effort was made to ensure its accuracy. We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions!

Producer ($5,000 & up)

  • Happy Valley Adventure Bureau
  • Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (a state agency)
  • Dennis Gioia & Judith Albrecht

Director ($2,500–$4,999)

Performer ($1,000–$2,499)

  • Elliot & Bonnie Abrams
  • Marie Bednar
  • Bruce Fleischer & Heidi Nicholas
  • Blake & Linda Gall
  • Ed Galus
  • John Lloyd Hanson
  • Ann & George Johnstone
  • Pieter & Lida Ouwehand
  • Jeane & Richard Singer
  • John & Judith Vicary Swisher
  • Mark & Anne Toniatti
  • Daniel & Linda Trocchio


  • Avant Garden
  • Peter & Amber Axeman
  • Lou & Bernadette Barth
  • Catherine A. Bresee
  • Alan Brown
  • Mimi Barash Coppersmith
  • John & Katie Dawes
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Penn State
  • Leland Glenna & Esther Prins
  • Kris Holzwarth & Bud Graham
  • Steven Herb & Sara Willoughby-Herb
  • John & Jackie Hook
  • Theodore & Casey Hovick
  • Bill Jaffe
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
  • Kitchen Kaboodle
  • Kay Kustanbauter
  • Bruce & Judy Lingenfelter
  • Colleen & Frank Miceli
  • Helen Manfull
  • Kevin & Joy Roe
  • Sally Schaadt
  • Robert & Karen Shute
  • State College Downtown Improvement District
  • Town & Gown
  • David & Susan Werner
  • Woodring’s Floral Gardens

Benefactor ($100–$499)

  • Lynn & Ellis Abramson
  • C. Daniel & Wendy Azzara
  • Becton Dickinson & Company
  • Philip Bosha & Jennifer Bailey
  • Jeffrey & Michele Bees
  • Ned & Inga Book
  • Sydney Brown & Gill Grashof Anderson
  • John & Deborah Carder in memory of Shirley Palermo
  • David & Ellen Cavanaugh
  • Susan Del Ponte & Carole Pearce
  • Marie Doll
  • George & Tamara Downsbrough
  • Frank & Patricia Ducato
  • Martin & Joan Duff
  • Charles & Jo Dumas
  • John & Connie DiNunzio
  • Mark & Deborah DuMars
  • Adam Gold & Theresa Seri
  • Earl & Susan Graham
  • Brandon & Melissa Hancock
  • Don & Mary Heller
  • Vicki Wedler Herrie & Joseph Herrie
  • Linda Higginson & Susan Youtz
  • Paul & Staci Horner
  • Patricia & Jay Hummer
  • Robert & Jacqueline Hunt
  • Susan Hutchison
  • John & Carolyn Johnson in memory of Antoni Ura
  • Robyn Krause-Hale & Rick Roush
  • Donald & Cynthia Koss
  • Scott & Liza Koenig
  • Barry & Judith Kur
  • R. Scott & Janet Kretchmar
  • Harry Kropp & Edward Legutko
  • Kirk & Sandra Larter
  • Benson & Christine Lichtig, Nittany Clothiers, Inc.
  • David & Sharon Lieb
  • Herbert & Trudy Lipowsky
  • Frank & Carol Lock
  • Lawrence Lokman & Rhonda Seaton
  • Rick Lombardo & Rachel Harker
  • Dorothy Lutz
  • Andrea Mastro & William Taylor
  • Harold & Priscilla McFerren
  • Richard & Marjorie Milgrub
  • Craig & Maxine Millar
  • Charles & Constance Naginey
  • Nationwide Foundation
  • Joyce Turley-Nicholas
  • Sayaka Ninomiya
  • Janet Pontius
  • Robert Potter
  • B.J. & Jim Rhodes
  • Kathleen & David Rue
  • Dorothy Rigby
  • Shirley Sacks
  • Christopher & Jennifer Shuey
  • Lou Silverman & Veronica Samborsky
  • Cheri Sinclair
  • Patricia & Michael Spicer
  • Jolaine A. Teyssier
  • William & Kimberly Townes
  • Sebastian & Jeanmarie Trainor
  • Renaisssance Charitable Foundation
  • Daniel & Linda Trevino
  • Jim & Sue Tumlinson
  • Lawrence & Karen Walker
  • Nancy J. Wolf
  • Jeffrey Wong & Lisa Preis
  • Joseph & Maureen Yanoshik

Friend ($5–$99)

  • Dana & Katherine Ashton
  • Janet Bergamaschi
  • Richard & Heidi Biever
  • Bruce & Linda Candlish
  • Gay Fisher
  • Wilson Fisher, Jr. & Carol Ann Romanski
  • Heather Fleck
  • Barry & Debra Gallagher
  • Joshua Gitelson & Hari Osofsky
  • Thomas & Cynthia Hall
  • Alisha Hartley
  • Lori Miller Helms
  • Linda & Robert Hendrickson
  • Susan & George Henning
  • Doug & Grace Irwin
  • Janis Jones
  • Heather Low
  • Amy Milgrub Marshall
  • Stanley & Patricia Mayers
  • Christopher & Kathryn Maxwell
  • Barbara Greer McKeehen
  • Richard & Sharleen Nichols
  • Sayaka Ninomiya
  • Al & Kimberly Reingold
  • Kay & Ernest Salvino
  • Timothy Simpson & Alicia Grandey
  • Bernard Shockowitz
  • Jennifer & Christopher Shuey
  • Graham & Sandra Spanier
  • Patricia & Michael Spicer
  • Elsie Walton
  • Carol L. White
  • Nancy Wolf

School of Theatre Endowments

  • Mona Shibley Bird Memorial Scholarship in Theatre
  • Susan Browning Theatre Award
  • Kenton H. Broyles Trustee Scholarship
  • Irvin and Lois E. Cohen Fund for the School of Theatre (named annual fund)
  • Margaret M. and George A. Downsbrough Endowment for Penn State Centre Stage
  • Manuel Duque Award
  • Mack Emmert Trustee Scholarship
  • June H. Ford Memorial Award for Musical Theatre Dance Performance
  • Frances Foster Award in Theatre
  • French Undergraduate Award in Theatre
  • Sid and Helen Friedman Endowment for Penn State Centre Stage
  • Blake and Linda Gall Musical Theatre Excellence Fund (named annual fund)
  • Blake and Linda Gall Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Blake and Linda Gall Trustee Matching Scholarship
  • Susan Jane Gaul Memorial Award
  • Anne Gibson Award for Professional Development in Theatre Design and Technology
  • John Lloyd Hanson Scholarship in Musical Theatre v
  • John L. Hanson and Neil E. Hoff Trustee Matching Scholarship
  • James E.Hess and Suzanne Scurfield Hess Endowment for the University Resident Theatre Company
  • Arlene and E.Z. Jackson Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Honey Jaffe Musical Theatre Program Excellence Fund
  • Kissin’ Annie Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Mabel Reed Knight Scholarship
  • Robert E. Leonard Award
  • Willie Leone Endowed Scholarship Fund in Music Theatre
  • Wyllis Leonhard Endowment for Music and Dance
  • Lethbridge-Jackson Awards
  • Helen and Lowell Manfull Theatre Scholarship
  • Mattie C. and A. Laura Mateer Theatre Artist-in-Residence Fund
  • William E. McTurk Endowment for Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Endowment Fund
  • Nagle Family Endowed Chair in Musical Theatre
  • Dorothy Briant O’Connor Endowed Scholarship Fund in Musical Theatre
  • Penn State Centre Stage Class of 1935 Endowment
  • Irene Richards Memorial Scholarship
  • School of Theatre Design and Technology Alumni Conference Scholarship (named annual fund)
  • Todd Anthony Sloan Scholarship for Musical Theatre
  • Oliver Smith American Design Award
  • Graham B. and Sandra K. Spanier Student Development Fund for the Musical Theatre Program
  • Henrietta Thomas Memorial Award for Musical Theatre Vocal Performance
  • Peter G. and Ann C. Tombros Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Zewan Trustee Scholarship

Atherton Society

Penn State’s Atherton Society recognizes individuals who have made a provision for a planned gift to benefit the University. To learn more about creating your legacy with the School of Theatre, contact Robyn Krause-Hale, director of arts advancement at or call 814-863-4079

  • Michael R. Chapman
  • Irvin and Lois Cohen
  • Roger and Rosalie Dietz
  • Charles D. Fasnacht
  • Bill Jaffe
  • Richard G. Johnston and Sarah Ann Gallagher
  • Helen Manfull
  • Carrie M. Robbins